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TVadHallelujah for the web! A vicarious e-pository for all indulgences, virtues, vices and voracity known to humankind – plus a host of new concepts yet to be proven, one way or the other.  Which latter category includes London-headquartered MediaEquals [ME hereon], a recently launched online ad-trading exchange.

Many wannabes have strived and failed to follow in the footsteps of eBay … but ME could be set to buck that trend. Maybe. Given clement weather and a following wind.

If so, it’ll be an adland first. At the ritzy, multinational and multimedia end of the market, that is.

A galaxy of European adland’s stellaratti have loaned – or hired – their names to the venture. It even boasts two chairman: executive (Martin Banbury) and non-executive (jet-setting, company-collecting adman John Farrell). In the corporate cosmos even Unilever hasn’t managed this Janus-like boardroom feat!

Among the other non-exec stars are serial media company director Richard Eyre; quondam CFO of Ikea Hannu Ryopponen; and City of London money manipulator Ian McLennan.

Advising the board on matters IT is cyber whizz Andrew Walmsley, named by Ernst & Young as London Media Entrepreneur of the Year in 2006.Handshake

Rah-rahs ME’s website: “ME is the media marketplace for all advertising media. Our technology enhances relationships and sales opportunities through smarter communication, enabling media owners and media agencies to focus less time on haggling and administrating and more time on delivering better media solutions.

“Our vision is to deliver a better way to trade for everyone through end-to-end integration with internal systems between buyers and sellers.”

Among the former are Initiative London and Starcom UK Group; while the latter include CBS Outdoor and BBC Magazines.

Advertising Age attaches a certain significance to the venture, describing it on July 27 as “a system that media sellers and buyers can agree to for the most coveted ad space [which hitherto] has proven nearly impossible to create”.

HurdlesME certainly doesn’t lack competition, as AdAge points out: “Google‘s AdWords, Yahoo‘s RightMedia, and Microsoft’s adECN have all managed to capture previously untapped business at the lower end of the ad market, making it easy for local and smaller advertisers to buy targeted ads online.”

So will the upmarket upstart click with adland’s great and good? Probably, MoonWink thinks. ‘Yep,  big, Big, BIG by 2012.’  Howzabout you, cherished reader?


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